SlingBag™ patented system is designed to move and place burlap bags for use in underwater pipe stabilization, protection and separation applications.  Its use is over 5 times faster and safer than conventional methods – every time! SlingBag™ is safe, and has been proven to be the most economical method of underwater burlap bag placement.


Woven polypropylene fabric SlingBag™ with four 24” polyester lifting loops. Holds fifty-six (56) - 60 lb. burlap bags.

SlingBag™ can be lifted with a single point pick up and lowered into water or onto a land job site. The SlingBag™ has been used in applications in excess of 8,000 feet water depth.

SlingBag™ can be placed and released with a Remote Offshore Vehicle (ROV) by simply unhooking any two lifting loops in a row.

Up to 5 times faster & safer than conventional/individual bag placement – ever time! The released burlap bags create a bonded support pyramid for a pipeline. Full SlingBags™ can be left underwater as supports allowing easy access to valves, pipelines or other protected structures.

Burlap SlingBag™ Brochure


  • Pipeline support, stabilization, separation and protection
  • Fill large voids or depressions in ocean, lake and river bed floors
  • Build cofferdams with greater efficiency, safety, and cost-savings

SlingBag™ Product Numbers:

  • 60 lb 3-1 Sand & Cement - Burlap (Product No. NR 83999)
  • 60 lb. Pure Sand - Burlap (Product No. NR 83997)

* Includes SlingBag™ with 56 burlap bags, pallet and export wrap.


Patented design allows for ease of shipping and loading on and off shore.

SlingBags™ can be off-loaded with a crane or standard forklift.

SlingBag™ pallets are shipped with a weather resistant pallet cover and can be double stacked on offshore vessels.

SlingBag™ is ideal for inshore or offshore pipeline projects.

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